Screen Mesh 101 - For Dummies

February 04, 2019

Screen Mesh 101 - For Dummies

Screen Mesh

Screen mesh is something that is talked about time and time again. A lot of new comers aren’t sure what to use and normally think what came in their starter kits is going to cut it. Well noobs those screens wont!

40-86 mesh screens are going to be for your specialty inks, shimmers, glitter inks etc. If you try and print your normal plastisol ink through a mesh this open, you are going to have nightmares of the messy ink deposits it will leave so do not try it!

110 mesh screens normally come in your standard starter kits are only good for so much. Large block text and simple art without much detail and white or light color inks that tend to be heavy and thick compared to others. Aside from that 110 mesh is known for letting a good amount of ink pass through it which gives you a heavy feel and these days that’s not cool but it all depends on what you want to print.

160 mesh… well most would consider this the golden boy. It is a good all-around mesh. With a 160 you can hold more detail, allow less ink to go through, meaning a softer feel and it’s also usable with water-based printing.

200-230 is where you will start getting more detail, this can be where graphic prints come into play when you choose your mesh. This is also a good choice for water-based inks, printing your top layers of ink over the base and halftones, who doesn’t love a cool halftone design.

230-305 CMYK, you know those awesome looking prints that only require 4 colors of ink yet when you print them they all mix together to get a full color photo. Yea that’s right for those cool looking prints you are going to want very high mesh because those inks are almost translucent which is what allows them to mix together to get that cool full color image look. We can talk about that some other time, maybe in an ink related post.

Hope this helped you guys use your head a little more, now you can dig deep and think of what kind of look you want and which mesh you think you should go with for your job.


Catch you guys later and remember if you have any questions hit us in the DM on instagram or drop us a line on our live chat that is available Monday-Friday.

- SPD Crew!

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