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Printing Rad Sh*t

March 28, 2020 1 Comment

Printing Rad Sh*t - Screen Print Direct

We know many of our customers are new to screen printing or have not been screen printing for long, and one of the things printers can struggle with is art work to test out their printing skills. 

Let's face it if you are not a designer and you just jumped into printing you are most likely going to be printing some boring text for your test prints and that's not fun or exciting. 

We wanted to give you a little fun head start here and give you guys some awesome art work we have received and made over the time so you can make some fun prints at home during your home quarantine.

Below we have a few downloadable files ranging from some simple easy one color prints that will help you get started, two color prints so you can practice registration and even three colors if you're feeling like a dare devil.


Single color design

               Hand Pull That Sh*t                                          Tube'n and Boos'n                                            Skeleton Hands



Two color design 


                                                    Total Chaos                                                                                      Turtle Power


Three color design

                                                                                                  Skeleton Hands 



*Here is a pointer: to get a nice dark image without accurip or a similar software set your inkjet printer settings to print on premium glossy photo paper and make sure its not printing high speed. Every printer will have it worded differently but you will be looking for similar verbiage. 


Well here you go printers have fun and lets see some cool prints! Tag us or DM us your prints so we can re-share and feature you. Remember if you ever have any screen printing questions feel free to reach our and DM us or drop a comment on this blog. 

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Jean Poullet
Jean Poullet

April 29, 2020

I am so dumb with this and you guys made me laugh….

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