Platen Adhesive, Which to use ?

Let’s take a minute and talk about platen adhesive, this is an item that is normally overlooked since it's not a product like emulsion that you really need to get one specific to your use. When you look for an emulsion you find the best one that works with your exposure unit, type of printing etc. When you think of a product like ink, to many it’s just that, it’s just an ink. Any water based or plastisol ink will work. When it comes to platen adhesive it's normally the same thing. You walk into your supply store and remember oh yea! I need platen adhesive and you go grab an aerosol can (in our case would be Super Mist) and go back to your garage, shop or where every you have your set up and get back to work again.

Now did you ever stop to think or consider grabbing the water based alternative instead of the spray can? A lot of printers don’t, and they really should, especially shops that make a statement of being eco-friendly. That goes far beyond just using eco-friendly inks. Our alternative to aerosol is called Super Tack and it's made to keep that shirt in place and give you the ability to re-position it as needed, which is always preferred.

Ok let’s compare the two types of platen adhesives now. You have...

Subject A:  The traditional Super Mist aerosol spray can, it’s cheap, convenient and that’s pretty much it. Other than that, either you or your press operator end up breathing in the adhesive particles flying around. The over spray ends up on your press, floor and other areas around the shop. Dust, lint and debris end up sticking to it and making everything look like it was coated in fur.

Then you have....

Subject B: Super Tack the water based adhesive that will most likely come in a bottle with a pull cap depending on who you get it from. It has little to no smell. You decide where it will be applied and it stays there until you spread it around. It is much more controllable, convenient and you don't have to breath in glue particles. Best of all you don't have to clean the press, floor and everything in the shop from all the fur build up.

Now let’s talk about the way the two types are applied.

Aerosol: Shake the can and spray on your platen. It’s a toss up on how much will land on the platen and where else it will end up.

Water based: Open the bottle, pour a little the size of a quarter on your platen and spread it around. You know where it is all landing and you won’t need to clean up any excess residue from your press, floor, dryer etc.

So there it is, now you have something to think about. Eco-friendly shop or not you may want to stop breathing in the glue particles. If you have employees give them a break and prevent them from using a product that is going to cause more time being spent cleaning the shop and breathing in the bad stuff.

Catch you guys later and remember if you have any questions drop a comment below on this blog or reach out on Instagram or our live chat.

- SPD Crew!

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  • Jeremy

    Does it stick to transfer/platen tape?

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