How to align your shirt and art work - Screen Print Direct

How To Align Your Shirt On The Platen To Screen Print

When you are new to printing art placement and shirt alignment are everything. Now you are going to be able to place the shirt and alight the art almost perfectly every time but it will never be 100% in the same place do to variations in the shirt. The shirt being placed a hair off of where it was previously.
DIY Face Mask - Screen Print Direct

DIY Face Mask

As things continue to progress the CDC is recommending people use some sort of cloth to cover their face to help reduce the spread of the Covid19 virus.
Cleaning with household Bleach - Screen Print Direct

Cleaning With Household Bleach

Disinfecting with bleach is something many may be curious about. Will it clean and disinfect like other popular chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol? We all want to know if it will disinfect all those common areas throughout our homes. Now that everyone is on the hunt for basic household cleaners such as rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, soap, etc., and finding no luck getting their hands on any due to the current pandemic we all need to look for alternatives.
How to clean with Alcohol - Screen Print Direct

How To Clean With Alcohol

Alcohol has always been a hot commodity and these days its become even more of the must have for keeping your homes clean as well as your personal items. We are going to cover a few things that you should know about Alcohol and why it is a good cleaner to have around  your home if you can get your hands on some.