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Ecotex® WR Liquid Tape - Water Resistant Block-Out

1 review

For Use With:

  • Water-Based Inks
  • Discharge

Key Features:

  • Fast Drying 
  • Non Hazardous
  • Fills Open Areas
  • Good for long print runs
  • Simple & Easy To Use

Ecotex® Water Based Resistant Block Out is the ultimate screen block out. This fast drying formula is durable and high abrasion resistant. It's designed to fill open areas of the screen not covered by the emulsion. It is ideal for water based and discharge printing. 

    Shelf Life:
    +12 months

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    Pin Holes... What Pin Holes?!

    Alright - I was testing my off contact skills and put a untaped screen on press - Why waste the measurement and put in a pre-taped screen?! Figured I’d now give this stuff a try. Didn’t know what to expect as product was new to me. Had some unexposed outer edges on my screen (As we all should! Why would you coat the entire screen? Who prints to the screen edge?!) and a couple “pin holes” and open spots - oops, those were the registration marks. Carded the edges with a light coating of WR on the print side(s) and finger dabbed the open spots. Walked around in a few circles while waiting for the Ecotex WR Liquid Tape to dry and was back to work with the quickness! Prints with absolutely no issues. Save the overpriced Screen Tape for t-shirt gift wrapping! Don’t have to worry about “forgetting” to take the tape off when going to wash out screens.

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