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Aluminum Frame - 6 Screen Variety Pack


High quality long lasting aluminum frames. Hand cut and welded to ensure long durability. Pre-stretched screens here in the USA by Oscar the screen tensioning legend. Each screen is stretched to perfection. ensuring high quality prints each pull of the squeegee. We offer a variety of screen mesh counts see below which fits you best.

Included in Variety Pack:

(2) 20" x 24" 110 mesh - Great for images without high detail such as large block letters

(2) 20" x 24" 137 mesh - Great for all around printing, especially when printing on dark garments ( allows a little more ink to pass than a 155 making your color pop on dark textiles)

(2)20" x 24" 155 mesh - Great for all around printing, standard go to mesh count for most print jobs

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