High Opacity white is the ultimate Non-Phthalate plastisol ink and is best used as a stand alone white ink. Our premium inks are superior to other plastisol inks on the market. They are formulated to be bold, vibrant and creamy. Ecotex ink is highly opaque and allows printers to get color quicker on the press, helping you save time and money! For the best performance and color design on your next project choose Ecotex. 

Key Characteristics

•Highly Opaque
•Bold and vibrant colors
•Matte Finish 
•Soft Hand Prints
•Wet-on-wet printing 
•Short flash time
•Lower cure temperature

Helpful Hints for Optimal Use: 
Manual - Flash at 105°C/220°F - 7 - 12 seconds and cure at 160°C /320°F 

Clean Up: 
Ecotex Plastisol Screen Wash/Ink Degradent 



Ask a Question
  • What is the difference between the ecotex hilight white and flash white?

    Great question! Hilight White is formulated to be used as a stand alone white ink. As for Flash White, it is formaulated to be used as a base.

  • Need white ink for black 100% cotton

    Our Ecotex Hilight White would be a prefect fit for printing on 100% cotton.

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