Key Features:

  • 5 mil. thickness
  • Anti-curl technology
  • Proprietary micro-porous top coating giving you a clean, dark and high-quality image every print
  • For best results use with our UV Black-Out Ink

Our Waterproof Inkjet Film is designed specifically for the screen-printing industry by screen printing professionals. If your shop uses Inkjet printers for imaging color separations, then this economical film is a perfect choice.

Printing with Inkjet Film Tips

Waterproof film has two sides carrier side and inkjet receptive side. To figure out which side is receptive side get your finger wet and touch the corner; the side that is sticky is the side that will receive the ink. To get the best results open your print menu and change your image settings to “best quality photo” or “best image.” Set your paper settings to “premium glossy photo paper.”

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