All Purpose Wipes - 10 count


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Key Features:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water-based formula
  • Textured surface formulated to make clean easier
  • Industrial strength
  • Low VOC

One wipe made to tackle any mess life throws at you. If Mr. Clean had a screen-printing shop, these are the wipes he would have lying around the shop. Our wipes are formulated to clean both plastisol and water-based inks. You can use these wipes to clean your spatula, squeegee, equipment, screens, and frames. Reduce the amount of rags you use and try these wipes out.


Step 1. Card excess ink from screen

Step 2. Apply wipes to both side of screen

Step 3. Wipe away remaining residue with paper towel

Step 4. End Result


Use gloves when using this product.

To extend the life of the wipe. Spray it down with water-based press wash.