Butterfly Hinges

Key features:

  • Heavy duty and long lasting
  • Easy to use and install
  • Fits any screen that is 2” thick or less
  • Dims: 2x3.5x2.4”

Our clamps are made of heavy duty zinc; they will withstand the use and abuse of many years of printing. To minimize the amount of space used, we suggest drilling these into a piece of ply wood, so you can easily store this when you’re done. The maximum thickness of your screen can be 2”.

How to Install:

  1. Find a table that would be comfortable printing on and that you don’t mind getting dirty
  2. The base hinges with the two holes are going to be drilled into the table
  3. When drilling these hinges, they need to face the same direction and need to be perfectly parallel
  4. Once drilled clamp the screen tight and print

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