12 inch Squeegee


Regular price $17.99


  • Made from Durable Polyurethane
  • 70 Durometer - Industry Standard
  • Medium Hardness
  • All-Purpose Squeegee
  • Precise Sharp Edge Blade

We have created the ultimate heavy-duty wood squeegee with a rad transparent blade. The blade is crafted from polyurethane which is made to withstand ink and harsh solvents. With a durometer of 70, this squeegee is perfect to tackle any job. The cut edge is shaped perfectly, making your strokes effortless.


Clean the squeegee after use; residue can affect the performance of the blade. For best results rotate squeegees after multiple print jobs. You can sharpen and cut the edges of your blade for the desired amount of ink you want to be pushed through.

For information regarding squeegee durometer head over to our Squeegee Durometer 101 blog post