Ecotex PWR is an amazing Pre-Sensitized Water Resistant Pure Photopolymer Emulsion. It is pre-sensitized and ready for use. Works with Plastisol & Water Based ink systems. Apply to clean, degreased, dried screen with a scoop coater. Be sure to use appropriate application techniques. Reclaiming Ecotex PWR is easy with Ecotex Emulsion Remover. 

Helpful Hints to Ensure Your Emulsion Lasts Longer Once Mixed:

  • Keep in a cool area, emulsion will break down much faster in heat. Keeping emulsion in a fridge can help to give a slightly extended shelf life, however, emulsion that has gotten to the point of freezing will no longer work properly and must be replaced.
  • Keep the emulsion lid on tight to preserve air and light leaks.
  • Gently mix the emulsion each time before use to help extend the life.
  • For long runs over 1,000 shirts – use Ecotex Emulsion Hardener to extend the life of your stencil.

Shelf Life:
10-12 months

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