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Ecotex PWR is an amazing Pre-Sensitized Water Resistant Pure Photopolymer Emulsion. It is pre-sensitized and ready for use. Works with Plastisol & Water Based ink systems. Apply to clean, degreased, dried screen with a scoop coater. Be sure to use appropriate application techniques. Reclaiming Ecotex PWR is easy with Ecotex Emulsion Remover. 

Helpful Hints to Ensure Your Emulsion Lasts Longer Once Mixed:

  • Keep in a cool area, emulsion will break down much faster in heat. Keeping emulsion in a fridge can help to give a slightly extended shelf life, however, emulsion that has gotten to the point of freezing will no longer work properly and must be replaced.
  • Keep the emulsion lid on tight to preserve air and light leaks.
  • Gently mix the emulsion each time before use to help extend the life.
  • For long runs over 1,000 shirts – use Ecotex Emulsion Hardener to extend the life of your stencil.

Shelf Life:
10-12 months

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Patrick F.
United States United States
Excellent emulsion for everyday use

I’ve been using the PWR emulsion for over a year now and have had zero problems with it. I used plastisol only, and it always washes out just like I need it to. A+ rating

worked great for me!

I have made my own out of potassium dichromate and elmers glue, which was better than some emulsion. for starting out its good practice stuff. toxic so put your ppe on. even when cleaning the screen,.,,, so then after that i wanted to try stuff made already. this purple emulsion cleaned out so well from wash out a design perfect, i have yet to use it on my press right now to see how long the stencil will work. but this went on smooth like an emulsion sheet made. love the color too :) try it you wont be disappointed. i use a construction light 500w , right now till i sell some stuff, for 4 min. that seemed to work for me. these prices with them seem to be good compared to many others out there that charge an arm n leg for replacement parts or what have you. i would continue to order and see what other products work for me. thanks

Just what i needed!

Works great for burning images for screenprints! Easy to spread and allows for an even coat. Washes out easy with proper exposure time.

Donnie L.
Great product

Works great with a low exposure time of 2 minutes with 110 mesh screen using a work halogen light. The screen keep all the small details and held up wonderful to water based ink.

Tim A. Olson
extremely forgiving entry level emulsion

I've spent a good year or so as a hobbyist making screens for small run t-shirts. I've used a number of other emulsions including various Ulano emulsions. This one is a great size for two to three large screens. I find it works best with higher resolution screens (160 in this case.) It was easiest enough to expose in a spare room with a high level work light with a generous five minute exposure time (very forgiving in this respect.) Coating was once per side. First try yielded no blowout over a sink with a brush and mild spraying. Great for beginners. Wish I would have found it sooner.