ECOTEX WATER BASED CHEMISTRY KIT is an essential kit for plastisol ink screen printing. Easy to use and the perfect kit to help get you started.Our kit includes 1 pint of water based press wash, 1 pint of AP 2 N 1, 1 pint of emulsion remover, 4 oz of premium hand cleaner.


  • Water Based Press Wash
  • All Purpose 2 N 1 Degreaser and Dehazer
  • Emulsion Remover
  • Premium Hand Cleaner
  • Spray Nozzle


Citrus Based environmentally friendly Screen Wash / Press Wash. Use it at the sink or on the press, designed specifically to quickly dissolve Water-Based inks. This product is ready to use, Emulsion and Capillary stencil safe.

All Purpose 2 N 1 Degreaser and Dehazer

Economically and safely remove stains from all types of mesh better than other hazardous paste stain removers. Contains proprietary mesh protectors and micro-particles that will prepare new mesh for production.

Emulsion Remover

This product is ready to use or it can be diluted 1:4 with water. Ecotex EMULSION REMOVER will economically and safely remove all types of photopolymer, diazo, and capillary film emulsions without etching. Reclaiming  emulsion is easy, try our Ecotex EMULSION REVOER today. 

Premium Hand Cleaner

Inks, Grease, & Much More are no match for our Hand cleaner. Our organic based, non-toxic hand cleaner was designed to be used with or without water. This product does not leave your hands dry or with an annoying sticky film after using it. 

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