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BLACK-OUT UV Blocking Ink Refill 1 Ltr. Bottle

BLACK-OUT is a film positive ink formulated for screen printers and inkjet film. It offers an Optical Density of 5.0 and extremely fast drying time on the film. Ideal for printers with multiple print heads.

Key Characteristics

  • UV Blocking
  • Reliable Jetting
  • Optical Density 0f 5.0
  • Fast Drying Time
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Special Hybrid Blend of UV Blocking Pigments & Dyes

Printer Settings:

Inkjet Printers: Open your printer utility driver in the print queue menu to access these settings. Set your image settings to BEST QUALITY PHOTO or BEST IMAGE. This will enable your printer to print at its max resolution. Set your paper settings to “premium glossy photo paper” or similar. This setting tells your printer to lay down the maximum amount of ink.

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