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Little Dipper Dip Tank-30 GALLON

This 30 gallon tank is a simple time saving, affordable, and durable dip tank. Honestly, every shop should have two of these, they are a game changer! Use one to soften up emulsion before developing screens and use the other one to reclaim screens. It will save time, labor, chemicals, & Water. This heavy-duty tank is the best-built chemical resistant dip tank made specifically for the purpose of screen reclaiming or developing. Ideal for use with 2 in 1 ink and emulsion removers when reclaiming screens or just use water for developing screens. 

Key Characteristics:
• Chemical resistant
• One Piece Guaranteed Leak-Proof Molded Construction
• Dramatically reduces chemical & Water usage
• Low maintenance
• Minimal space requirement
• Fits 6 Screens up to 23" x 31"
• Dimensions: O.D. 36 x 16 x 26 1/4" 
- Solution & Screens NOT Included

Shelf Life for product:
+12 months


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