Liquid Tape for Dummies!

May 07, 2019

Liquid Tape for Dummies!

Ok guys so tape is something that all screen printers use at one point or another and they all use something different.

Some prefer to use blue painters’ tape, some use clear packaging tape and others use that fancy shmancy split tape you can get at your local screen-printing supply store.

However!!!! We got da saaaauuuuuce ! aka Liquid Tape, there are two different types to look at based on what type of ink you are going to be printing. There is the SR Liquid Tape which is solvent resistant and WR Liquid Tape which is going to be water resistant. Go on read the bullet points below and you make the decision on your own to see which one you want to try next or continue using.


Traditional tape

  • Leaves glue residue (that means extra cleaning)
  • You need to peel off after you are finished (that means more stupid work…ughh)
  • You need to cut it to the right length (soooo time consuming… aint nobody got time for that!)
  • You end up with a trash tape ball and a card board core.. this isn’t eco friendly at all! (trash fills up and someone has to take it out… I hate taking out the trash)

Liquid Tape

  • Pour on pin hole areas or any area you don’t want ink to pass through on the mesh and give it a little time to dry.... waaaalaa!
  • You're done? Ok it will come off when you reclaim your screens. Easy peasy.

Catch you guys later and remember if you have any questions drop a comment below on this blog or reach out on Instagram or our live chat.

- SPD Crew!

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