International Women's Day! - Screen Print Direct

So screen printing like many trades is a male dominated field. We think it is awesome when we see girls out there kicking butt in the field where you wouldn't really expect them to be involved in. 

This International Women's Day we want to recognize all the rad ladies that are out there doing the damn thing! 

So the lady we have on deck is Jessica Sabbath, she’s your typical hard-working girl that comes from your common 9-5 job just working her life away. She started printing about a year and a half ago once she finally had enough and quit her 9-5 and began working towards a dream that was hers and no one else’s. Coming from a fashion background she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted out of her future and knew just where to start.


Jessica decided to buy herself a one-color press and got to learning the art of screen printing. Yes, it can be a difficult process to get down at first, but she learned what she needed and before she knew it, she had her own little clothing line and had girls from all over the world picking up a thing or two for themselves. Pretty cool right? It's not every day that you see or hear of someone starting a clothing line and have people you don't know actually supporting the brand. Jessica's goals are to continue to learn new techniques that come with printing and keep all the ladies out there dressed.


You can check out her merchandise at


Or catch her merch on Instagram @Jessicasabbath