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So, for this blog, we want to put the spotlight on the “smallish” shop, Prime Print Co. The man behind the operation is Josh Godar and he has been printing since 2013. Like most, if not all printers, the start-up operation began in mom and dad’s garage. He began with an old 4 Color BWM press and the basics to learn the process. We sat down with Josh to get the story behind Prime Print Co. and see what the real drive was behind his business. 

In high school, he was always into cool shirts and the local clothing brands. Like most teenagers, he ended up getting a job in retail with little excitement... naturally he quickly looked for a way out. Screen printing was the next best thing that came to mind since it would still allow him to be involved in the clothing/apparel scene that he was interested in to begin with and it would still generate an income.  

In 2015 it was time to make the jump from a garage shop to a real shop. He made the big move based on several factors. One being validity, a designated business location away from his homemade shop, more credible for new customers coming to place orders and pick up shirts. Second, he needed more space! A good shop setup requires space for big equipment. In order to grow and scale space beyond a garage was a must. Lastly, mom and dad would finally get their garage back.

With this move came an equipment upgrade as well. He now had a 6 color 4 station press, belt dryer, proper exposure unit, and it was full steam ahead from here. Several years would pass and growth continued to come. Fast forward to today and this “smallish shop" now houses a proper dark room, 6 color 6 station manual press, full size belt dryer, an M&R Sportsman automatic press... and the list rattles on. 

Aside from just equipment, Josh has grown this in other ways as well. He offers contract printing, embroidery, and much more. We expect to see big things from this local shop in the next few years! Well, that’s it for Josh and Prime Print Co. Thanks for having us over and make sure to check out other shops that make it on our blog.


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