Eco-Friendly Screen Printing Tips

Happy Earth Day!

Products that focus on sustainability and help consumers "go green" continue to gain momentum. With natural resources being used to the point of no return, pollution increasing and landfills running out of space, the eco-conscious bandwagon is one we are happy to jump on. At Screen Print Direct® we recognize now is the best time to start making changes.

In this blog, we offer tips and tricks to make your printing process a little greener. Yes, we must work with chemicals, but we have some advice to help reduce waste, pollute less, and just live a greener lifestyle.


For starters when screen printing you can look for brands that carry environmentally friendly products, water-based inks, and a company culture that supports the cause. At Screen Print Direct we offer traditional water-based inks and chemicals, but we also offer dip tanks and washout booths that have been made with recycled material which helps keep plastic out of landfills.



Below are some ways you can reuse printing supplies and create DIY tools that can be used to make your printing processes easy, they also look pretty cool if you ask me. 


You can also print on eco-friendly garments. There are so many brands emerging with an eco-friendly approach to apparel. If you are printing your own brand, you can choose how clean and green you want to go, but if you are printing for others, it can be a little tricky with price points but giving your customers the knowledge of how they can be helping the environment by using a different shirt can make the difference. 

A couple of big names out there are Next Level and Alternative Apparel. These companies offer shirt options with organic cotton, recycled polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles), and even use low impact color dyes that are much less harmful to the environment.

Now being a small business, you rely on and need customers to support you and it should go full circle. Small businesses help support other small businesses. This next brand is called Econscious and they are a small blank garment manufacturer offering shirts made from Organic Cotton, Recycled Poly, and even Hemp! They also ensure that their factories adhere to wage, child labor, overtime, health, safety, and environmental standard regulations.  


This year at Screen Print Direct we are going to be donating 10% of our sales made on Earth Day to the Honnold Foundation. This organization is about reducing the environmental impact and addressing inequality by supporting solar energy initiatives worldwide.

With so many little tips there is no excuse for not going green. Let’s keep this momentum going past Earth Day, our world deserves it. Try to use the eco-friendly products, try printing on cleaner garments, or donate to an organization that helps plant trees or gives back to National Parks.  

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