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How to make an easy work bench

March 30, 2020

How to make an easy work bench - Screen Print Direct

So as you guys have seen, we are putting together a quarantine edition of screen printing for dummies to help everyone stay busy during this slow time. Many of you saw our last blog post on how to make an exposure unit and after we posted that blog we thought hey you know what else printers could make pretty easily and can always be used in the garage or shop. How about an easy DIY workbench?

You can use this to set your table top screen printing press, set your exposure unit on it, fold your shirts... the list can go on and on. Lets get to it people

Here is the super simple yet very powerful work bench we are going to build.

Material list:

- 8 - 2x4 at stud length (8 to 9 feet long)

- 1 - 1/2" sheet of plywood (have home depot or your lumber store cut if you don't own a truck)

- box of 2 1/2" wood screws

Cut list:

- Plywood rip to 2'9" x 5'

- 2 x 4 - 34 inches (QTY: 4)

- 2 x 4 - 2 feet 9 inches (QTY: 2)

- 2 x 4 - 57 inches (QTY: 2)

- 2 x 4 - 27 inches (QTY: 2)

- 2 x 4 - 54 inches (QTY: 2)

Tools for the project

- Table or hand saw (home depot cut them for free if you don't own a saw)

- Power drill

- Measuring Tape

Here is a link we think will be helpful! (video)

Extremely helpful link


Good luck have some fun and let us see what you guys come up with if you end up making one! Remember to reach out if you ever have any screen printing questions or just drop a comment below.

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