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So a lot of entry-level screen printing kits come with your basic supplies, right? The screen, ink, emulsion, some sort of squeegee type thing, and maybe some hinges for the screen... if it’s a nice kit. Well, what about the scoop coater? How are you going to apply the emulsion to the screen?

For most of us printers, a scoop coater is just something we have, we don’t think twice about it. Now for the noobs that have just picked up one of these starter kits they normally don’t come with one. These newcomers are going to pour their emulsion on the screen and spread it around the screen with their squeegee or squeegee-like tool, maybe a popsicle stick. This isn’t the best way to apply emulsion but it does get the job done. So, yes it's ok at first if you don't have one, just remember it isn't the best practice. Later on if you decide printing is what you want to do then you can buy yourself a scoop coater.


Here is an example of what happens you apply way to much emulsion and don't have the right tool to help evenly distribute it.

Now when it comes to scoop coaters there are different types. Some with removable end pieces, some with a thick edge and a thin edge. There are also some scoop coaters that just have one edge which some people prefer since they do not use the thick edge. Go to your screen print supply store and check out your options or cruise around YouTube to see what you like.

It all comes down to preference and the price you want to pay. 


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