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Alright, guys degreasing a silkscreen is something that if you ask around some printers do, and some printers don’t do and that’s ok. Degreasing is not always necessary, but!!! It is recommended and being a printer myself I can say that I am guilty of not degreasing screens, maybe because I was lazy, was limited on time or whatever the case may be, I just didn't do it.

Sometimes you get lucky and you get away issue free but then you also run the risk of having oils on the mesh you can’t see and other contaminants that can leave you with fish eyes or pin holes on your coat when you go to coat your screen.

When you do degrease we recommend our HYPER HAZE! It is a paste which some people do not prefer but it degreases and removes stains at the same time and it’s not harmful so why not use it.

For Hyper Haze you want to have your screen reclaimed and make sure that it is wet on both sides.

Grab a brush, sponge, scrub pad, or whatever you have at your disposal that is similar and apply the product to both sides of your screen. Let it sit for anywhere between 2-10 minutes before you remove it.

Use high pressure when rinsing with water and remember to rinse both sides. Now stand back and check out that freshly clean and degreased screen.


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