How to draw your platens center line - Screen Print Direct

How To Draw Your Screen Printing Platens Center Line

Finding your screen printing platens center mark is going to make a world of difference when it comes to loading your shirt on your platen and keeping the artwork on your screen perfectly straight. In this post, we detail the steps to take in order to make sure the line is perfectly centered. Let’s get to it! 

Mixing custom ink colors - Screen Print Direct

Mixing Custom Ink Colors

One of our favorite shop activities is mixing some custom ink colors. It’s always fun seeing what happens when you mix a few colors together and a whole new color is made. Follow along and feel free to make your own ink recipes! Let's dive in. 

Low Temperature Cure Plastisol inks - Screen Print Direct

Low Temperature Cure Plastisol Inks


Everyone was saying plastisols were on the way out and water based is going to take over everything but then... low temperature cure plastisol ink hit the market and it is gaining popularity all over the place. If you go to your local distributor, you will most likely find it somewhere on the shelf. Let's jump into why low temp cure inks are so popular and why you should consider making the switch.

Screen Coating for Dummies - Screen Print Direct

Screen Coating with Emulsion for Dummies

Most entry level screen printing kits come with your basic supplies right? The screen, ink, emulsion some sort of squeegee type thing and maybe some hinges for the screen if it’s a nice kit. Well what about the scoop coater? How are you going to apply the emulsion to the screen?