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Wood Screen and Hinges Pack

Key Features

  • 16” x 12” Wood screen
  • 155 Count screen – great for semi fine detail
  • Long lasting zinc alloy hinges
  • Hinges fit any screen that is 2” thick or less
  • Easy to install and use

What’s Included?

2-Heavy duty butterfly hinges


1-16” x 12” Wood screen meshed with a 155 count screen

Our clamps are made of heavy duty zinc; that will withstand the use and abuse of many years of printing. To minimize the amount of space used, we suggest drilling these into a piece of ply wood, so you can easily store this when you’re done. Also included in the combo pack, is a wood screen that works hand in hand with the hinges. The wood screen is great for semi fine detail prints and will get majority of your jobs done.

How to Install Hinges:

  1. Find a table that would be comfortable printing on and that you don’t mind getting dirty
  2. The base hinges with the two holes are going to be drilled into the table
  3. When drilling these hinges, they need to face the same direction and need to be perfectly parallel
  4. Once drilled clamp the screen tight and print

Helpful Tips

Use Ecotex® Hyper Haze to degrease your screen before coating your emulsion. This will remove dust particles and other containments that may prevent the emulsion from sticking well to the screen.

To get the longest life out of your wood screen use Ecotex® Plastisol Press Wash to clean the left-over ink. You want to limit the amount of times you do in sink washing. Do not use these in dip-tanks

When using Ecotex® Emulsion Remover don’t let the remover sit on the screen for longer than 30 seconds otherwise you will damage the mesh.

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