Feature: Delon George

It is Black History Month and today we share the unique beginnings of a black owned print shop out of New York. For any readers out there on the fence about starting a new venture, we hope Delon's story inspires and motivates you to start the hustle and get printing.

Delon George is a classically trained artist turned entrepreneur. His love for art and his fascination for the fashion industry led him to the world of screen printing. Today we sit down and discuss his background and the many roles he had before founding his print shop Quick Strike. 

Quick Strike Print Shop is run out of Brownsville borough in Brooklyn. It is a full service print shop and design studio. Let dive into Delon's success and what motivates him. 


Screen Print Direct: Hey, Delon it's Black History month and you happen to be one of the few black printers out there. Can you give us a some background on yourself? We would like to know a little bit more about the owner behind Quick Print Strike Shop.

Delon: So, my name is Delon, I am 30 years old from Brooklyn, New York but I was originally born and raised on Grenada Island. I am classically trained in fine arts and turned illustrator/ graphic designer. Over the last 5-6 years I have worked in the E-commerce industry serving as an E-Commerce operations manager and eventually Director.

I have been in the fashion/design realm since 2009 and loved every bit of it. So, when I decided to take on screen printing and production it was an easy transition. I started screen printing professionally when I opened the shop. It was a complete learning curve. It took about 4 months of practicing and working on my skill before fully jumping into production for clients. 

Screen Print Direct: Wow, you don't hear immigration stories like that everyday. You have dabbled in quite a bit. It's awesome you were able to build a solid foundation doing something that you enjoy. Not many people can say that.

Screen Print Direct: What sparked your interest in screen printing and how has your journey been since jumping into this industry?

Delon: Being that I've been in fashion and design for such a long time and even at one point being a part of a clothing brand, screen printing has always been something quite fascinating to me. I look at it as another medium to express my creative abilities.

I always enjoy trying new things and pushing the limits of my shop's printing capabilities. 

Screen Print Direct: Do you have any shops that you really like to follow, interact with or draw inspiration from? 

Delon: Yes, I follow this shop on IG called "Mad Specials", they do really sick prints with high density inks and other specialty inks. It gives me good inspiration to experiment with.

Screen Print Direct: Oh, ok I know exactly who you are talking about. We have come across them as well. They have some crazy high-density prints! Really cool and different than the traditional prints.

Screen Print Direct: What do you have planned for the future as a business owner?

Delon: Expansion is a plan in mind. Looking to add more amenities and services to offer our clients, from printing to design.

Screen Print Direct: Cool man well we wish you the best and hope you continue to see growth in all aspects of your business.

Screen Print Direct:  Any final words you want to tell people? Tips or tricks... any final messages you want to leave for printers out there?

Delon: I’d just say, do as many experiments as you can.

Look for a lot of inspiration and do your best to figure out how they did it and then make it your own by applying your own style and methods to it.

Screen Print Direct:  Sweet, great advice all level of printers can learn from. Thanks for taking a moment to chat with Screen Print Direct. We will be in touch with you later!


If you want to take a deeper dive into Delon and his work click the social media handle below. Looking for design or prints in the New York area? Support small & local business by checking out his website and sending him a message.

Instagram @qsprintshop

Website  qsprintshop.com

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