Thank you! 30K Followers - Screen Print Direct

We recently hit a milestone, a rather big one we are proud of. We just hit 30,000 followers on Instagram and thought what a great time to celebrate with a giveaway our followers could benefit from. After all, we got to where we are because of them.

We decided to give away $1000 towards Screen Print Direct to help jump-start a printer's printing venture or give that shop running a little help these days. 

Giveaway rules were simple, we wanted to see what print you were most proud of and we would pick what we thought was the coolest. Due to the amount of entries we received, we don't have time to post every single one on the blog so we are highlighting the top 6 prints. 


We just want to thank every follower we have for supporting the brand and participating in this 30k giveaway. Just because you guys didn't win doesn't mean your prints were bad so don't be discouraged. Remember art is subjective and all the submissions were really cool prints and were all across the board, which was awesome. We saw all different skill levels from novice to veteran printers, different materials and inks used to achieve prints on paper, fabric, wood, plastic, and so on. 

If you guys have the opportunity we are going to have links to these 6 accounts so you can see everyone's unique style of printing. 

@seanscullyjones  @bakedfreshmerch  @jrbrandgoods  @radicalwaysclothing  @dakotafloyd  @_studio_ao

Remember if you guys ever have screen printing questions feel free to reach out to us, that's what we are here for!