Superman Vs Dad.. Who wins? - Screen Print Direct

Father's Day is that one day we can take a minute from the chaos of everyday life and appreciate that one dude in our life that no matter what goes on has your back. 

I don't know about you but my dad is my hero. Reflecting on all the things that he has done for me throughout my life it's no wonder I thought my dad was a superhero, topping Super Man and Captain America.

We want to spotlight a few dads that are in the print shop and raising families at the same time. 


So without further adieu, let's jump into the first dynamic duo we have. 

These two run a small operation called Hook and Loop Pennants. While dad has been doing this for about 5 years, now his sidekick Levi wanted to jump in as well. Together they started "LAD" Pennants, which stands for "Levi and Dad." Levi comes up with the ideas and designs he also prints, cuts, and sews them all with just a little help from Dad. Levi is only 8 years old! What a great way to teach and pass on the love of screen printing and entrepreneurship all while spending quality time.

To check out more of their awesome work you can find them on:

Instagram: @hookandloop_pennants or give their website a visit "Hook And Loop"


That was a pretty cool story right? Let's check out Dad number 2. 

Luis is the dad of a 1 year old son. He comes from a design background and thought it would be nice to make a solid foundation out of a family business. A week before his little guy was born he went out and found a deal on a used Riley Hopkins press and with this purchase “El Es Creative” was born. He now offers design & printing and is absolutely loving what he does. One year of printing and hopefully many more to come! Happy Father’s Day to you Luis. Hopefully we see a second generation printer soon!

To show him some support or check out what this dad is working on, take a look at @elescreative


Last but not least our final dad spotlight for fathers day goes to the Ink Box CEO.

This dad has been in the game since he was 15 years old. He is now much older and wiser with two daughters. There are many reasons people want to work from home but a big reason he likes to work from home is the time he gets to spend with the family. Their print shop also doubles as a gym, the family can work out and print together making for some great quality time and memories.

If you want to see some of his work take a glance over at his IG @inkboxad 


A thank you to these dads that were willing to give us a little peek into their daily lives of being fathers and business owners. Happy Father's Day to everyone. Enjoy your printing and your families. Remember to reach out whenever you have a printing question.