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Disinfecting with bleach is something many may be curious about. Will it clean and disinfect like other popular chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol? We all want to know if it will disinfect all those common areas throughout our homes. Now that everyone is on the hunt for basic household cleaners such as rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, soap, etc., and finding no luck getting their hands on any due to the current pandemic we all need to look for alternatives.

Bleach is an affordable and great disinfectant that can be used to clean almost everything in your home. Read below so you get a better understanding of this common household cleaner most of us have right now!

So, is bleach an effective cleaning agent for Covid-19 (Corona Virus)?

Yes! You can use any unexpired household bleach against the Corona Virus, just make sure you have it properly diluted to make it effective as possible.

You will want to dilute 1/3 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water

What is household Bleach?

Household Bleach is a liquid chemical used frequently in laundry to help whiten your clothing.

You can also use your household bleach for cleaning and disinfecting most if not all hard surfaces from your kitchen, bathroom, floors, and so on.

The (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) CDC, as well as the World Health Organization, actually recommend using a bleach solution as one way to disinfect areas contaminated with the Corona Virus.

So how do you disinfect your homes with a bleach solution?

We actually have a product (Bleach-based surface wipes) that follows the CDC recommended bleach percentages to safely disinfect your home's common areas.

These will disinfect surfaces from more than just the novel Corona Virus. Cleaning with these wipes regularly can help prevent things such as the flu, food-borne illness, bacteria, and much more which can in turn help decrease other infections which can lessen the burden on our healthcare systems.

We encourage everyone to stay safe, maintain your social distance, and clean all common areas in your homes. Saving lives starts with you and your loved ones!


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