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As things continue to progress the CDC is recommending people use some sort of cloth to cover their face to help reduce the spread of the Covid19 virus. This is a step-by-step guide we found to be extremely helpful on how to make a simple mask at home for yourself and your loved ones.

Things you will need.

- Two pieces of fabric about 9-1/2 in. square each.

- Elastic bands, Shoelaces, ribbon, or something along these lines.

- Ruler or tape measure

- Scissors or utility knife

- Iron

- Sewing machine or needle and thread


Ok, let's get to it. First, you want to choose your fabric and cut it to around a 9.5" square. You will want two of these, then place them on top of each other and fold over about 3/8" on top and bottom and iron them flat. Once ironed and flattened stitch the two edges.


We think that a pleated mask will provide the most comfortable and universal fit. Keeping the stitched edges top and bottom, start ironing three pleats, leaving a total width of around 3" to 3.5". Once you have done that stitch the edges on the shirt edges to keep the pleats in place.


Now that you have these steps done, it's time to attach your straps. Depending on what you have at hand these are going to vary. What you want to make sure of is that the straps are less than 3/8 in. wide. Two popular strap styles are tie straps and ear loops.

Tie straps should be cut around 18" long. If you do have elastic band material it is best to cut the ear loops at eight inches long. If you decide to use fabric, cut an 18 x 3/4 in. wide strip, fold and iron the edges to its middle, then do a zig-zag pattern stitch up the center.

If you are making ear loop straps you will want to attach them perpendicular to the mask at the corners. If you are making tie straps should be attached at a 45 degree angle in the corners of the mask. There you have it guys a nice simple DIY tutorial to keep you busy at home and safe if you need to step out in public.

Stay safe out there and if you need to get a hold of any cleaning supplies click the link below.

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