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So with the shop slowing down and everyone having to be inside we have some fun activities for you guys. One of our favorite shop activities is mixing some custom ink colors. It’s always fun seeing what happens when you mix a few colors together and a whole new color is made. Follow along and feel free to make your own ink recipes!

We just released new Rapid Cure low temperature cure plastisol inks which we will be using for this. Now these inks cure at 270° degrees F and are low bleed for you guys venturing off of cotton. Remember these are low bleed and not no bleed!

Back to our ink mixing, we are going to be making a pint of our Island Squeeze which is a pastel orange color.

Things you will need


For starters turn your scale on and zero it, place your empty container on the scale and zero it again.

Next grab your Rapid Cure White and you are going to want to add 480 Grams of ink to your container on the scale. Once you do that zero the scale again, it’s best to zero the scale after you add your ink or change something on the scale so you have accurate weights so you can achieve the color you want.

Ok, so now you have your white ink and need to add 20 grams of the Rapid Cure Orange to the container with the white. Your scale should be zeroed so when you add the orange you can easily do so without having to add up numbers in your head.

So now that you have the two colors in the container it’s time to mix. Grab your ink spatula and start mixing until the colors are fully mixed. Double check because you don’t want to go print and find a solid blob of white or orange that didn’t get mixed properly.

We hope you guys have fun mixing up some fun colors and let us know if you come up with any of your own ink color recipes! 

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