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Cleaning screen printing screens is simple if you choose the right ink cleaner for the job. First you must distinguish which type of ink you are printing with, are you using a plastisol ink or a water-based ink? The type of ink used will determine the type of cleaner you need to get a quickly clean screen.

Plastisol Ink

If you are using plastisol ink there are two different types of plastisol ink cleaner you may need in the reclaiming process. There is plastisol press wash and there is plastisol screen wash. We will distinguish between the two below

Press Wash – This plastisol ink cleaner is used on the press for color changes through the printing process or for cleaning off your squeegees, ink spatulas etc. This ink cleaner can also be used as a screen opener if the print area is clogged or blocked. This chemical is fast drying and doesn’t leave oily residue, this is important when changes color on the press. The quick dry will allow you to resume printing quickly without residue. We recommend Ecotex Plastisol Press Wash

Screen Wash – This product is going to be used in your washout booth for the complete removal of inks, it will also help reduce image staining on your mesh. Screen wash ink cleaner contains surfactants to help emulsify ink, this means it really breaks down the ink, making it easier to spray clean once water is applied. This product is dries slower than press wash and is not recommend for color changes on the press. We recommend Ecotex Plastisol Screen Wash


Water-based Ink

If you are using a water-based ink the cleaning process is very simple. You will just need one cleaner, we recommend Ecotex Water-based Press Wash to clean the ink. This cleaner can be used on the press and in the sink to cleanse from your screens, squeegees, spatulas and any other messes you may have made on the way.

There you have it, sweet and simple. With so many screen-printing products on the market it is easy to get lost in which products you actually need to have handy on the shelf for a typical print day. If printing with plastisol ink we recommend you have Plastisol Press Wash and Screen Wash on deck to make the reclaiming process easy and painless. If you are printing with water-based ink you have it easy! Simply keep a bottle of Water-based Press Wash on deck.

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