Press Wash vs Screen Wash - Screen Print Direct

Ok, guys listen up, this one is a head scratcher. A lot of us get confused when these two products get brought up. So we are going to make it super short and simple so that you get the point and don’t get confused.

Press Wash – Used on press while you are printing and want to do a color change, also good for cleaning (screen printing squeegees, flood bars, ink spatulas, etc.) or using as screen opener if print area is blocked. It is usually fast drying with no oily residue left behind.

Screen Wash – This product is going to be used in your washout booth for the complete removal of inks, and it will help reduce image staining on your mesh. It also contains surfactants to help emulsify ink and is usually slow when it comes to drying.

There you have it sweet and simple. No one got confused during this, did they? 

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